We’re Danielle and Adam, also known as Dani and Duff.  We teamed up in the summer of 2008, and we’re currently navigating life as a newly married couple with our own individual aspirations. We’re learning what it means to grow up and grow together, juggling our careers and personal lives, and facing the trials and adventures that come with adulting and trying to be decent human-beings. 

We share many passions, but we explore them in different ways. We’ve started this blog as a space for documenting our experiences and interests. Some of what can be found here:

Food + Drinks
One of our favorite places to be together is in the kitchen. We enjoy finding new recipes and adapting them to be more budget-friendly, simple, and healthy. Cooking real, unprocessed food from home doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult, or tasteless, and we love sharing our food finds with others. Plus, when we’re feeling a little trapped by the day-to-day, cooking is a great way to get a little adventure just by stepping into the kitchen!

One thing we are passionate about is advocating for real food and passing down cooking skills (viva la Food Revolution!) There are generations of grown-ups and little friends who lack basic cooking skills and food education, and they are missing out on a bounty of fun and flavors! We think it’s time to get back to cooking, sharing, and eating delicious food together. 

We’re thirty-somethings who like to save money and appeal to our tastes by making stuff for ourselves. We don’t have a lot of time or money, so we find quick ways to make the things we want or need. Particularly where gifts are concerned, investing time and thought into crafting something special for a loved one is so much better than just buying “stuff.” We (mostly Dani) dabble in creating jewelry, home decor, sewing projects, and fun Pinterest finds. We believe that we all have a little artist inside of us, and we do our best to explore our creativity whenever we get a chance.

Our lives aren’t exactly what we would call “exciting,” but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t document it. In a world that’s been inundated by everyone sharing their “highlight reel” on social media, it can be easy to get caught up in comparisons and overlook the beauty in the every-day. Some days are incredibly boring, some days are rough, and others are absolutely amazing. For what it’s worth, we want to have a place to document what that looks like for us. 


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