Homemade SpaghettiOs

Or even better — Spaghetti SUPERSTARS!  This remake of a childhood favorite is better than the original, better for you, and full of a rainbow of veggies!

Homemade Spaghetti-Os - dani + duff

How would you like a big ol’ bowl of childhood? 

…Or cat food? Because let’s just state the obvious here. I know I’m new to this, but I promise I’m not blogging about the benefits of adding cat food to your diet. I’m still trying to figure out this food photography thing, and it doesn’t make it any easier when you have 0 natural light thanks to a huge thunderstorm… so maybe take it easy on me? I was close to defeat with this one. Continue reading

Broccoli Balls

Here it is — our most requested recipe! Our balls are finally in your hands!  

These simple, quick “meatballs” made with broccoli and cheese are super versatile, incredibly delicious, and they’re one of the tastiest ways to get in some green for the day! 

Broccoli Balls

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Cheddar Biscuits


How often do you pay attention to those circular newspapers that fill your mailbox?  For us, that stuff usually goes straight to the recycling bin or inside some of Duff’s sweaty bike shoes. A few months ago, however, I happened to read through one of those things and found a TREASURE!  I stumbled upon a recipe for biscuits that are so heavenly, Duff moans with delight every time I make them.

Cheddar Biscuits - dani + duff

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Watermelon + Feta Freedom Salad

This is for our independence!

Watermelon and Feta Salad
That’s what Duff got his tiny cousins to shout at their mothers during a water war on Independence Day. And with this salad, you can be free — free of using the stove or spending tons of time in the kitchen. It’s quick and simple, light and refreshing, and a great way to switch up your watermelon routine (which if you’re like me, usually consists of eating obscene amounts of watermelon after fishing it out of a pool of its juice in a storage container).

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Tempeh Reuben + Russian Dressing

How do you make a Reuben without corned beef?

Duff and I recently enjoyed a little weekend vacation and visited the Asheville area of North Carolina, a magical land for hiking that’s full of fun restaurants for eating and breweries for beering. For us, it was a place that catered to many of our interests, and we left feeling humbled and inspired to recreate so many wonderful dishes and beers. And we’ve already started!

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Vegetable Lasagna with Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

Dani: I think I’m going to make a vegetable lasagna with a white sauce. Like an alfredo… made with cauliflower.
Duff: …okay.
Dani: You look like you have something to say about that.
Duff: Sounds bland.

A.) You know nothing, Jon Snow.
B.) If “bland” is what Duff has to say about some cauliflower alfredo, then everybody else is likely saying/thinking the same thing… and probably worse. But do you know what I have to say to that?

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Homemade “Beanie Weenies” + Father’s Day

Spoiler: this post is a little personal, serious, and long. So if you just want some fun ol’ beanie weenies, you may want to start scrolling. And I promise that I don’t intend to make a habit out of this sort of thing, but I just feel compelled to put a few things out there because one thing I’ve struggled to be lately is open. This isn’t meant to be sad, or emotional, or bitter, or uncomfortable… I just want to be real. 

Homemade Beanie Weenies - dani + duff

I have been anticipating Father’s Day for the last sixteen days. It may have been in that small, trying-to-stay-out-your-way font on the calendar, but as soon as I turned to June, the first thing I saw was what seemed like a giant “Father’s Day.” On June 15. The seventh anniversary of my dad’s death.

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Buffalo Sauce + Blue Cheese Dressing

Get ready to add a little spice to your life!

As previously mentioned, Duff and I changed our diets three years ago. Part of that change involved  saying good-bye to buffalo chicken (gasp!) which was kind of a big deal to me because comfort food. Since then, it has been somewhat of a mission of mine to still curb the cravings for spicy deliciousness, but in different ways that are more nutrient dense. I can promise that many of those “healthier” dishes will find their way here, but where would we be without first diving into some basic buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing?

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A Birthday With a Side of Brussels Sprouts

Daddy Duff had a birthday! We celebrated by starting off our Memorial Day weekend with a bang, otherwise known as a Friday card/dinner/birthday night at our place with the Duffs. 

Thanks to the internet, we can cook basically anything our hearts desire. Between Pinterest, food blogs, and the Cooking Channel, there is never a shortage of inspiration or recipes. The problem is you never quite know if it will turn out.  This post contains links to three recipes that are straight from the ‘net — we followed them exactly and lived to tell you about how great they are. 

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